A piece of advice from Dear Abby. What do you think?

Ev - posted on 08/30/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I just read a bit off of Dear Abby about men and women being both responsible for having what is needed to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It can be found on Dear Abby in Yahoo. Look for the title of "RESPONSIBILITY FOR BIRTH CONTROL FALLS ON BOTH MEN AND WOMEN". I think that from a lot of the posts I have seen here over the last couple of years that maybe those people need to read this. It says it in a nutshell. BOTH PARTIES are responsible for birth control. Men, its not up to the woman to be totally responsible for keeping from getting pregnant. You are also responsible. Use a condom or get a vasectomy as the advice talks about. Women: Do not leave it to the man to be totally responsible either. Use the pill, IUD's or get a tubal. I know in the moment no one is thinking along these lines but if you want to avoid all the custody, child support, and visitation issues. think about that. Because that is what it gets to when you were not wanting to have a child as yet and you have to share the child with someone you would rather not have in your life. Maybe if people stopped to think a bit about what they are doing and why and know that they can prevent pregnancy to the best of their abilities, then there might be less fighting over kids and whose fault it was.

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