A question concerning my 3 year old's absent father.

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I'm sorry, this is long!
I got pregnant in July 2011, and permanently left my son's father that October due to realizing I couldn't have him in my baby's life (wouldn't change, lying, drugs, theft, prison time, etc.). I then acquired a restraining order that ended February of this year.
Right after my son was born (May '11) I went to court to keep him from getting partial custody or visitation. He is not on the birth certificate and has never seen my son. They ordered me to pay for a DNA test, when neither of us were denying he was the father. So I got a lawyer and the next thing I knew, everything was dropped. Soon after that there were separate charges brought against him such as possession of a weapon and stolen property. He was sent to prison.
He was released in January of this year and attempted to contact me once. I filed a report. As I said the restraining order has ended.

I'm just curious (and scared to death) if he could possibly get rights to my son. And what steps can I take to make sure that doesn't happen. I've thought about filing for abandonment, but I don't exactly know the process. If anyone can give me perspective, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.


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Yes, he can file for his rights. He's the father, and he has rights.

You can't file for abandonment, because YOU denied his visitation to begin with. You can't have it both ways! If you wanted him to pay support, etc, you should have agreed to visitation. Since you tried to deny him from day one, you cannot go back now and accuse him of abandoning his child. But, nice try.

Get paternity fully established, get support orders in place through the courts, and request that visitation be supervised.

Even if you decided, after creating this child, that the man is scum, you have a responsibility to your child to let him get to know his father. YOU do not have the right to take that away from your child.

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