A step-mom: is there such a thing as " too good"?

Kristyn - posted on 08/24/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi, my ex and I have two daughters. Our divorce is pending and he has started to see someone. They got serious and now live together, so when he has the girls, the girlfriend is around. She is clean cut- excellent job, great education no drink/high Twitter/ Facebook incriminating photos etc. my daughters love her and she is very involved with them when my ex has them from crafts to bedtime. So it looks like she will be around, and in my girls' lives.so moms- ungrateful that when they are not with me, they are at least happy and safe. But is there ever " too good " of A step mom? Things I should ask her not todo? Can I legally? What if She has a picture of the 4 of them in her social media online- is that ok? Please help!


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Eager - posted on 08/24/2016




Hey Kristyn! Your sound like a caring mother, and your concern for your kids is warranted. I think I agree with Michelle, and also I would be happy as long as the girls are in the safe hands. Good luck!

Michelle - posted on 08/24/2016




If the kids are happy and she is treating them well then I would just leave it alone.

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