A vindictive and manipulative ex demands me to stop seing my boyfriend

May - posted on 07/06/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




Last week, I found out that my boyfriend who is now my live-in partner's Thai ex wife posted several family pictures on Facebook including the picture of herself and my bf standing so close together while the woman's left arm hanged on my bf's shoulder. In this picture, my bf seems not too happy but the wife was all smiling. Though, I was furious after seeing this and immediately confronted my bf about it.. Part of me thinks that the ex still has a feeling towards my boyfriend. He told me that he wasn't aware that the picture was taken and this was during his recent visit in Thailand. In the beginning of our relationship he told me that his been divorce since 2010. Though, I have not seen any documents to prove it.. He said his ex and him remain cordial because of the kids but I think its more than that.. After our confrontation, he called his ex wife the next day and asked her to delete all his pictures and her from that woman's profile, which she never did. Then the following day, I received a message from her apologizing about what happened and clarified that her and my boyfriend was "not been married for almost five years". She said that she put a front for their family and friends to see because her culture frowned the single mom. Mind you, this woman was already pregnant with the other guy in her country but lost the baby recently yet put up a face of "happy couple" online. Then two days ago, I received a nasty messages from her and claiming that she and my boyfriend are still married. She also demanded me to stop seeing or talking to my boyfriend.. What a freak wicked woman.. Anyway, after she messaged me she emailed my boyfriend numerous nasty emails threatening him that she'll ruin his life and will take his children away from him as long as im around.. She also ordered him to pay her bills and plane tickets back to the states. On her last email, she asked him not to call or email her back because his oldest son is mad at him and rather wants to stay with his mom.. I really don t know what to do right now.. I never said anything bad to this woman but I feel like I was the problem.. I'm afraid of what if my bf surprise me one day for break up because he doesn't want to loose his children.. I don't want our to end because of her. Do you think men can do that.. Do you think the ex wife has right to take the children away from him? I believe he is paying at least $2500 child support for two kids.. I need your advice..


Geneva - posted on 07/06/2015




if there is a court order for custody she cant just keep the kids from him she has to take him to court. she cant make him pay for her to come back to the states or pay her bills. as for them being still married tell hi you need something that shows he is legally divorced from her. Save everything the two of you get from her it can prove she is unstable and may help him get full custody of the kid/kids


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Michelle - posted on 07/07/2015




It's hard having a custody battle in 2 different countries.
If I were you, I'd be wanting see the divorce certificate ASAP just make sure they aren't still married.
Who knows, he might have her in Thailand and you where ever you are. Sorry if it's not the case but you have been told quite a few different stories.
Also your BF needs to get a lawyer that specializes in international custody to see what he needs to do.

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