A "woe is me" post...

Candee - posted on 09/01/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am so depressed. i just hate everything in my life right now, nothing is going right. of course i love my 2 kids, but they can really stress me out too. i know i definitely have depression and anxiety. i would like to see a doctor and a shrink about this but i dont currently have any health insurance and it would be costly.. i dont have any friends, seriously, NONE. no one to vent to who actually cares about me. my relationship with my boyfriend is rocky, we have poor communication and we dont get along most of the time. everything is such crap. i am in such a rut and i dont know where to go anymore. im sick of feeling so sad and alone everyday. i dont ever want to do anything or go anywhere. ive lost all interest in any activities, including my sex drive, i have no libido whatsoever. i just wanna crawl in a hole and stay there and fall asleep forever. i shouldnt feel this way! plus im so exhausted all the time, i have no motivation. my thirst for life is gone. im so lost.

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