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I have been in a relationship with a guy for 4yrs. I let him know from the beginning what I expected and wanted from the relationship and it seems as if we were on the same page. A year ago I started having health issues that effected our relationship a great deal. We weren't having sex as much and my attitude was unstable. I started noticing his sons mother would have I love you as a text on his phone but when asked he'd say she has an iPhone and she didn't mean to text him. One day I picked up his phone and there was about 2 days worth of conversation of them going back and forth and when I confronted him about it he said it was another woman he'd been talking to he just had the number saved under her name. I didn't believe the story he told me but nevertheless I was hurt. He apologized and we've since then been trying to work things out. Its way awkward when his aona mother come around knowing the conversations they had. I've talked to him about how I feel but I still feel as if he loves her. I feel like he loves me but I feel as if I'm in competition with her. I'm at a lost at what road I need to go to heal. I truly love this guy and we've set our wedding date but there's no wedding if there's no trust. Please lady's advice, advice, ADVICE


Raye - posted on 10/01/2015




Even if he is not having sex with someone else, if he's emotionally attached to this other woman (whoever she is), that's still cheating. If he loved you, he wouldn't give anyone else the time of day. If he has a child with someone else, that personal will always be in his life because they have to co-parent the child. If he can't separate the co-parenting part of the relationship with any romantic feelings, then he can't be a good partner to you. You're best bet is to cut ties now and find someone who can be dedicated to you.

Jodi - posted on 09/29/2015




1. He is lying to you (clearly).
2. You feel the need to check his phone for 2 days worth of conversation.

There is already no trust.

At this point, I would hold the wedding off and seek some couples counselling so that you can get back on the same page and rebuild the trust. If you can't rebuild the trust, then it may be time to part ways.


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