A young mom in need of some advice,

Kelsey - posted on 09/26/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hello everyone! I am new to this blogger thing, I was sitting here drinking my coffee this morning doing my usual internet duties, email, schoolwork etc. and I need a way to be able to let out my frustrations, because it seems when I talk to my family members or my friends, no one understands because they don't know what I am going through. I have one hell of a support system but it would be nice to get some support from a mom in my situation. My daughter just turned 1, and her father hasn't exactly been in the picture. Well all of the sudden, after months of me trying to get him to see her, and many attempts to get him to come around her, and him no reply, he files against me in court. Now I know she needs her father in her life, but I don't understand how I am just supposed to hand her over to a complete stranger? Since she hasn't seen him since she was 3 months old, that's what I consider him. Another thing is he started dating one of my old friends... and I am not bitter about that, but I am worried about him bringing my daughter around her when he gets visitation. Maybe it's just me being protective, but I am sick of people telling me to just "Get over it" and "That's how things are". I guess I am just looking for some advice on how to keep my sanity through all these court proceedings. If anyone could give their wise words that would be great!

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