ABA vs special school for 22 month son with ASD

Nina - posted on 08/20/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Our son is 22 months old and just got diagnosed with ASD (autism). He goes to the Montessori school right now but they have told us to take him out by the end of next month. He screams intermittently but is easily redirected, does hand flapping when excited, loves to run in circles, will sometimes push (mildly) other kids, does not interact with other kids, loves to flip pages of books and will bring the books to us to read to him, pinches and scratches the parents but is easily redirected.

We went to the developmental pediatrician recently who diagnosed him and told us that there are two approaches that we can take. One is ABA therapy and the other one being a special school. We have toured both ABA centers and special schools but we cannot make our mind up as to what approach will be best for him.

We find the pros of ABA being backed by research that it changes the brain specially at early age but the cons being makes children robotic and prompt dependent. The special schools in our area (Houston) do not provide ABA or floortime etc but use sensory approach and structure so the class ratio is 4 children and one teacher and one assistant. Some people have also suggested to have him go to the school in AM and do the ABA in PM. Please share your experiences with the approach that you took for your child and how it turned out. thanks a lot for your advice.


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