Abnormal Pap at 6 Week PP Appointment

Jessica - posted on 12/14/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello fellow mommies! I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or not-- but I went into my 6 week PP appointment a week and a half ago and my physician called me back telling me that the results came back highly abnormal. They just did a pap smear 7 months prior and I've never ever had an abnormal pap. My physician said that there are 3 grades and mine came back the highest grade (worst possible) and im scared to death because just a few months earlier, i had a normal pap. I am getting the coloscopy done in a couple of days but I just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this-- and if (fingers crossed) my results came back abnormal because of me just having a baby AND because i was just finishing up my first period after giving birth. Thanks!


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I can relate to this because it happened to me.

When I was first pregnant, that first physical they give you they do a PAP and all that stuff. Mine came back abnormal then. They started to talk about the things they wanted to do including the coloscopy. I was worried too because I was pregnant and did not know how they could just do anything without it hurting the baby. They did noting at that point and decided to see how my PAP was after the baby was born. It was fine at the 6 week checkup and they had me come back a few months later to double check. It was again abnormal but on a very low level. They decided to freeze my cerevix and get those cells off. I was scared to do even that but my son had been born with no issues or health scares for either of us. They did the freeze and then my PAP's after that were fine.

I know it is scary. But if you do not do this, you might not find out if there is anything to it or not. I think they also took a snip of me too for them to check to be sure things were not worse beyond that first layer. I am not sure how they do them now but back then they did not numb anything so I felt it all. I could take some Tylnol for discomfort and it was just that really uncomfortable. In the end, it was all fine. So, just for your worries, have them. Because the PAP you had came out a different result than mine. But if they catch this early they can treat it and you might not have much to worry about later.

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