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Elizabeth - posted on 12/16/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




I just went in for my second coloscopy. About 6 years ago i had an abnormal pap they did the colospy and the Cryofreeze on my cervix's because they said that I had HPV and pre-cancerous cells. Went threw the 1 yr of paps every month and then every 6 months, was clear. Last year my pap came back abnormal, very slightly so they didnt do anything. This year it came back abnormal again so they did the coloscopy, I am now waiting for my results but I am worried what they will chose to do. And if I will ever be totally cleared of this? Anyone that has any advise i would be apprecitated thank you


Ami - posted on 12/16/2012




I have had cervical cancer and anal cancer (which its even more amazing had a baby) anyway something to remember is this was caught early I had an abnormal and did nothing about for 2 years and then a year later blood in my stool but I recovered quickly with no radiation or chemo. You seem to be staying up on your health and that is really important. Even if they have to do anything it should be very minor. Mine was day surgeries and down for a week and they where both full blown cancer, I would wait until you get all your test results and not stress (I know easier said then done), but remember I am here for you and you are not going through this a lone and the "C" word isn't a bad word anymore its very treatable.

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