About 6 months ago, my teenage daughters ages 15 and 17 lost 4 good friends to suicide, murder, jail (for the afore mentioned murder), and drug overdose. All within a matter of 3 weeks. Having never gone through this my self, I felt the best option would be to be more lenient, back off their chores, and allow them to spend more time with their other friends, in order to give them time to grieve. I now feel as though they are taking advantage of this. Now that school is back in session, I am introducing our normal schedules back into the picture, and I am meeting this with a lot of resistance. Does anyone have any advice that will make this transition easier?


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Gabriela - posted on 10/14/2012




Do what you have to , to stand your ground again. And all of you should try counseling, family counser. Goodluck

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Definitely grief counseling and a serious talk about chosing better friends are in order. Other than that.... no clue. Good luck!

Amy - posted on 09/01/2011




I probably would not have given them more freedom because it looks like there friends weren't making the best choices. That's a lot for anyone to take, did the school offer grief counseling? Did your kids take advantage of it? If not I would contact the school at get the name of a grief counselor that your daughters can go speak to. Losing 4 friends in such a close period of time can cause a lot of emotions that even the strongest of people would need help processing the emotions. I would put your foot down and not give them as much freedom because even though your daughters didn't do this their friends obviously weren't making the best decisions. Good luck helping them with through this!

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