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Terri - posted on 11/03/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




Hi everyone I am new to Circle of Moms, and saw so many posts on ADHD. I thought I would share a bit about my story which will hopefully help you. My son is 6 years old with ADHD. we found out officially when he was 4.5 and was tested. (we knew long before then however) I see so many people going to medication route. We actually tried 2 different medications, and one did nothing, and the other caused his outbusrts to be worse and he also had ticks from it. So the pediatrician and I decided to NOT do any meds for now. We have all been working together to help him deal with his ADHD in other ways. The school is providing lots of help-he gets one on one reading lessons with a special ed para-and he is also getting "sensory breaks" every morning at his most wound up time. First grade has been much easier for him than that first year of kindergarten when so many new things are expected of him.

He sees a regular therapist once a month to be able to get off whats on his chest and to hear the same things from another adult. He also goes to occupational therapy once a week, where he gets help with his safety awareness an impulse control. We have just had to learn to be more lenient, knowing that he is simply not capable of follwing directions the first 5 times! or sitting still for very long.

Lastly, we are getting him tested for auditory processing disorder, because it seems as though he simply cannot physically listen to us when we speak to him....

Its been a long haul, but we are at peace and now at a secure place with out son-NOT due to medication at all.
Just wanted to let people know what you can achieve greatly with some hard work, dedication, and other interventions.


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JuLeah - posted on 11/03/2011




Thanks for posting .... so many solid methods to deal with this. Searching for answers that work for your family, knowing you are the expert on your child, getting 2nd and 3rd opinions, educating yourself, acting as your childs' advocate .... all critical

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love that you are surrounded by supportive individuals who help you with your sons best interests

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