About how much words should my 20 months old daughter be saying?


Katherine - posted on 09/07/2011




It may be just a pair of words to you, but it's a full sentence to your toddler and a giant step forward in terms of language acquisition. "Daddy hat" is her way of saying, "There's daddy's hat." Or, "Sissy doll" indicates that she knows a particular toy belongs to her sister. Her vocabulary may also include a few verbs such as "gone" or "fall," which she also uses to create simple sentences — "Juice gone," or "Me fall," for example. Between 18 and 21 months, children seem eager to imitate the words they hear around them. A typical 20-month-old has a spoken vocabulary of about 12-15 words, though many children have far more. But even if your child isn't talking in simple sentences yet, she likely understands many more words than she can say. If you want to test this, ask her to go to her room and bring you a pair of pajamas (or some other item that you've never heard her name). Odds are she'll trot off and return with exactly what you've asked for.

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