about my 17 year old son

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His a good kid but when he doesn't get his way he starts being disrespectful to me . He works and he goes to school . But he shows off in front of his friend when his friend at the house . And I do everything he ask me to do and I get treated like crap . He keeps telling me in 5 months when he turns 18 years old that he can do whatever he wants and I can't say anything to him . And I told him as long as he lives under my roof he has to listen to me and his step father.


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You remind him that when he turns 18, if he wants to be treated like an adult, he must act like one, so he can start looking for apartments now...so that when he's 18, he can move into one and do whatever he wants. Remind him, also, that financial support obligations end at 18, as do your obligation to let him remain in your home for free, so he'll either be expected to begin paying you room/board, or move out.
You can be as snotty as he is being.

I do have to say, though, that it if you've 'done absolutely everything he asks' for his entire life, rather than making him work for things, he will continue to expect that, and treat you like crap.

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