about my son he age 8 scared to sleep he room

Zarilia - posted on 06/19/2011 ( 1 mom has responded )




whene my son he was baby he sleep with me into 8 age i am sigle mom he ask me to put some porte about me or photo on the wall he ask me to give hem some photo about to sleep but nont work he still scare to sleep he room.he ask me to put photo about me he room why he ask me that why he so scared sleep he room but he play he room but whene is time to go sleep he want to sleep with me and i say to hem you need to go sleep your room thene he cry beacuse he say he love he want to sleep with me and i say no you need tosleep your room thene he say to me to give hem some photo about me i say why he say because i love you mommy
please help me for my son .....why he scared sleep he room he play he room play xbox 360 game he play he room but whene is night whene i say go to sleep your room he cry he nont want to sleep he room


Katrina - posted on 06/19/2011




Does he need a night-light? Is it just too dark for him to find his way to you if he has a bad dream? If not, consider getting one.
If he does have a night-light, try to see if it is making some shadows out of the things in his room...with half light, some imagination and being half-awake, normal things can look scary to a kid.
I remember when I was little, the light shining off a poster stuck on the wall made shadows to look like a wolf. A dressing gown hanging on the door looked like a giant.
Try to see from his point of view and see if there are any issues. Also, try some calming music when he is falling asleep, make sure the TV is not on too loud (so that he can't hear the movie etc that might be on) Kids have overactive imaginations and it doesn't take much to create something bad.

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