About to have a child. Boyfriend continues to baby his 5 year old from past relationship.

Beverly - posted on 11/22/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My boyfriend and I are about to have a baby. He already has a son from a previous relationship. He gets him 2x a week. (Wish it was more) but my issue is, that every time we have him his son never walks. He has to be carried all the time by his dad. Nd when it comes to bed time. He refuses to sleep alone and dad has to sleep with him. I've been dealing with this for 2 years now. Nd only now it's starting to bother me. Because we are about to have an infant. (Which at the moment his son is excited about) but... When baby comes what will happen?? I keep askn my boyfriend to slowly wean him off being so clinging. But he won't... I don't want to argue about it. So when he gets mad when I bring it up. I just drop the subject. But I think it's important so he son understand he's a big boy now... Idk what to do...


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Ev - posted on 11/22/2014




Ditto on Michelle's post. This kid is not going to be able to have father with him at school to carry him around and do everything for him and if they still take naps no one is going to lay down beside him. Also when baby comes I can see a lot of jealousy going on if father holds the baby and not the older one. You two need to have a long discussion of what is going to happen when his son comes over and you have the baby. Its hard enough with one child but when you have two its even harder. You can not always do for the older children and that by the time they get to five years old they should be doing a lot of their own things and WALKING ON THEIR OWN. If your BF can not bring himself to change things I am not sure what more you can do. You might find your relationship is on uneven grounds.

Michelle - posted on 11/22/2014




Well you need to NOT drop it when he gets mad. He needs to grow up and be a Father. By baying him all your BF is doing is making it worse for everyone. At 5 he should be very independent.
Dad needs to be tough or it's not going to be good when baby comes along.

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