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Need Help. My husband (Step Father to daughter) has been sober for over a year. To make long story short, we were separated due to his blackout drunken episodes. He has been doing amazing. Kids are happy life has been peaceful since we got back together. Last night my 9 year old told me of an isolated incident last year of when he "rubbed her privates" one night when I was gone somewhere and they were alone. I remember the night because it was the only night I'd ever left them alone and was very upset when I found the empty alcohol bottles (I left him shortly after that for being so irresponsible due to his alcoholism.) I asked her specifically on numerous occasions if everything was ok that night and she said He was acting "Strangely" but nev r said this. If she had, I would have never tried to work on this marriage. Now here I sit thinking about how wonderful things have been better than ever in the last 7 years of that horrible life. She loves him so much and is very confused and feels guilty for telling us. We both hugged her and told her that what happened was absolutely WRONG and NOT her fault ! But where do we go from here?!?!?!? He was suicidal last night, he is not saying she is lying , just that he can't remember it. I want to pack up and run and another part of me wants him to make it right for her. She said it never happened before or after that once time. The worse thing is we just moved across the country from my entire family to restart a new healthy life. Advice?


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A very common excuse that pedophiles use is 'I can't remember' the incident.

An investigation should be done, and you should immediately take steps to remove your children from the situation until its proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's not guilty.

Alexandria - posted on 09/15/2014




You should leave him that is absolutely wrong if he did it once he will do it again hun you should not take the chance of anything else happening even if he's acting great it's not always gonna last you don't need that in your life

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