Abusive? Should I leave? What about the kids?

Ash - posted on 12/16/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am in a relationship of 10 yrs have 2 kids. I feel like my partner is verbally abusive but I dunno if I am just overly sensitive. I feel suffocated, he needs to know every detail of my life, i dont even have a personal phone as he has the phone.... if i am late from work even just a few minutes he gets suspicious.... he seems really negative and i am generally a positive person but have been feeling negative... i feel like if I leave he would be hurt and try to things to make me return or stay....i would sooo bad if he hurt himself if i left...........any suggestions?????


Sarah - posted on 12/16/2014




You have a manipulative and controlling partner. If you have an employee assistance program where you work, you can get some counseling from them or they can refer you to a therapist. I partner that trusts and cares about you will not interrogate you nor prevent you from basic luxuries like a cell phone.
I'd be more worried if he came after you and tired to hurt you if you left, rather than the other way around. If you leave and he hurts himself, that is not your fault.
Just because he isn't beating you doesn't mean he isn't abusing you. You both need to get help to fix things or you should get out.

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