Acne & Blackheads issues

Sofia - posted on 02/25/2016 ( 4 moms have responded )




My daughter has acne and blackheads and is trying to get rid of it with some home remedies she finds online. So far she has gotten good and bad results from them. Like when she was using baking soda on her skin, it dried her face out completely.

Now she has started using something called the oil cleansing method, and I was wondering if this is safe or if it will make her skin permanently oily.

What remedies or products do your children use?


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Ev - posted on 02/25/2016




Some other home style remedies can include using rubbing alcohol or peroxide on a cotton ball or clean cloth and run over the face--they both work out the oil from the skin and can dry it somewhat. Using DOVE bar can be good for the skin--my grandmoter used that all her life from what I know and her skin always looked good.

Michelle - posted on 02/25/2016




I don't see how using oil would help. Some people are just prone to getting acne through puberty and others aren't.
The best thing for her to do is to just wash her face with water twice a day. The more products she uses, the more her skin will compensate and produce oil and then it gets worse. I know it's horrible as a teen to have acne but most people do grow out of it.

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