Acting auditions for preteen boy?

Bella - posted on 02/05/2016 ( 2 moms have responded )




im looking for acting audtions for my 12 year old son. They would have to be online auditions that are free. He could probably pass as a character in between the ages 10-13. We're looking for mainly a lead role or at least a big part in either a movie or tv show, possibly an action/horror/ or comedy film, or a comedy tv show, maybe something from nickelodeon or disney channel? I've searched the internet for available acting options but im out of luck. If it helps, hes a pretty talented musician too, and is also focusing on a hopefully soon future music career (pop/rock). One of his main inspirations and fave actors is Chloe Moretz, because shes been in so many movies and shes only 18, and he has seen her when she was his age, like in the first kick ass. He would be happy to audition for any movie/tv show, but a movie like kick ass would honestly be the best, though anything works.
Please send me links to easy/simple online audtions where you can just submit a video and they email you back or something, if it helps, heres a description of him:
-Blue eyes
-Dirty blonde hair
- abt 5'1/5'2
-skinny, but not too skinny. Hes in good shape :)
Alot of people have told him hes a very good looking kid, so plz let me know asap!

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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 02/06/2016




If you truly think your child is some amazing prodigy, then get him an agent. Personally, you have perfectly described BOTH of my sons to a 't', and no way in hell would I have pushed them into show business.

Yep, all parents think their kids are totally over the top amazing, and I don't doubt that your son has some talent, but here isn't the place to find agents..

Also, I do have to point out that 99.9% of those auditioning at first will not get chosen for major roles. I guarantee that Chloe Moretz didn't get picked off a street corner for the "kick ass" movie. She did commercials, she did bit parts, she did tons of other work, and then she competed against other artists for the role. Not that your kid couldn't do the same, but I don't want you to think that by getting your kid an agent means he's automatically "in". It takes work. YEARS of work. And when the kid is a minor, the parent does it ALL. All transportation to and from auditions, everything.

One last thing. While a contest may start with an online audition, that would only be the first step in a very long process.

Michelle - posted on 02/06/2016




Find him an agent. Do you know how many Mother's think their child is amazing? Thousands!!!!

This isn't the place to find an agent though.

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