Activities for kids in bad weather?

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What can I do to amuse my kids in bad weather? Need ideas that doesn't cost a fortune!


Gena - posted on 07/17/2015




You could bake cookies together or bake a bread. Once in a while, if the weather is bad for a few days I make a movie day. My son gets to pick a movie,we make popcorn and watch together on the couch with a comfy blanket. We also do "inside picnic's" if the weather is bad. We cut veggies together and boil an egg etc and then we put a blanket on the floor and have our inside pic Nic.
Another fun thing to do at home is arts and crafts... You can get seeds of fast growing grass. Google up growing grass in egg shell. It's fun to watch it grow and the kids can cut the "hair" from time to time. Or what my son loves is painting with marbles! Get a small box like a shoe box and place a piece of paper at the bottom. Put different colors of paint in the corners and then put marbles in. The kids can roll the marbles around in the box and it makes nice patterns. Another thing you can do is make cards out of the paintings,add some glitter or anything you would like for on the cards. Easy simple and a cute gift for family bdays etc.
If its raining outside get the gumboots and rain jackets on. Go for a little walk in the rain..small kids usually love it!
Some other ideas that cost though could be going to the cinema. Or to a mall. Or go to McDonald's and let the kids play on their playground.
Another real fun thing to do is make soap together! You can buy flakes of soap,some oil and foodcolors. Google up making soap with children.
I hope I could give you some fun ideas!


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