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My son's (age 7) school wants me to have him tested, but he is performing well above average on all his tests, and has no major behavior issues. Yes, he is definitely scattered and lacks focus for long periods of time, but I don't want to medicate him when he is doing all that is asked of him every day, and we are happy with his school work! Also, we are a more homeopathic family. Does anyone have any info or studies they have read regarding the negatives of medicating or specifically school systems not being structured for boys?


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i agree with Dove, the evaluation is not going to hurt your child and you may gain some insight into his lack of focus. It also will not label him a problem child or even give him a diagnosis. The evaluation is only to gather information and then discuss the findings with the family. NO ONE can force you to medicate your child; they can not threaten to kick him out etc. I agree, he sounds pretty typical, but I have never met him.

Dove - posted on 05/02/2016




Getting an evaluation does not mean getting medicated. It just means checking to see if there is a 'reason' behind his behaviors. Though if he is completing his work at well above average and has no major behavior issues... 'I' would be inclined to think he's just an active, normal, 7 year old boy.

Does he get plenty of time (during school and after) to exercise and just be 'free'? Some young kids do well w/ the structure of school... some kids benefit w/ a bit more freedom. My own 8 year old son holds it together excellently during the school day, but is pretty much a maniac when he gets home... bouncing on his bed, refusing to do his homework, arguing w/ me about everything.... The biggest thing 'wrong' w/ him is that is a little boy who wants to do what he wants to do... frustrating when there are things that NEED to be done... but normal.

If you feel there is more to his behavior... by all means have him evaluated, but keep in mind that a diagnosis does not automatically mean medication. Some kids absolutely do need medication to function, but some others can do very well w/ a diet modification (though from my understanding 'true' ADHD isn't 'really' helped w/ a diet change) and some behavioral therapy.

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