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Good morning,

What medicines and or food have you given your child with ADD and or ADHD?
My daughter is 7 years old, and I believe she has ADD.
She cannot concentrate in class and also when doing homework.
She daydream and is always busy with something else.
It is not a new thing, this has been happening for the past year or so, but now it is affecting her school work.

Any suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated.


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As a special education teacher I can tell you there are some variables to take a close look at. First, you mentioned she can not concentrate in class. Is she seated next to her best friends or other distractors such the classroom door or a pencil sharpener. It sounds silly but sitting by the door or pencil sharpener can easily distract students because the noise of the sharpener or the action going on outside the classroom can easily divert your young learner away from the classroom activities. When she is doing her homework is she in a well light quiet area? Do you have a homework routine already in place? (come home from school, eat snack, start homework, etc.) Routines are very important! If there will be a change in the routine then be prepared for a meltdown. Children with ADD or ADHD do not adjust very easily to changes in their environment/routines. In terms of food that she should be eating make sure she has a well balanced breakfast in the morning before school. Try to stay away from sugary drinks! Eating a lot of protein can help keep her focused (banana, cheese, milk). If you've tried this already and still don't see an improvement then you need to do what is best for your daughter and if you feel the need to have her evaluated to see if she is ADD or ADHD then you should. Remember she's your daughter and it's your decision on how to help her! I personally would try these things first and then go for an evaluation if you feel she needs one. Often times when parents have expressed these same concerns to me as their child's teacher changing where they sit and making sure they have big hearty breakfast has worked. In cases where it hasn't then the students were evaluated and started receiving the proper modifications and their grades started to increase! Good Luck! Hope this helped!

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