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My son is 6y of age. With his check up at the paediatrician, they said he has ADHD. We have spoken to his teacher and she also confirms that he is easily distracted. We have now to decide whether or not we are going to put him on some sort of stimulant. Does anyone have anything good to say about Ritalin or Concerta or Strattera. As everything I have read on the Internet, is only bad news. Does anyone have some advice on alternative therapy? Please help.


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My son was diagnosed with adhd as well. Boy I had some hard times. I felt uncomfortable to give him any kind of drugs, it didnt sit well with me at all. I kept asking if there was another way. I felt pressured by his teacher to medicate him. This went on for quiet sometime. It got to the point that the teachers got the pricipal involved and called me in for a meeting. At this meeting I was told that my son was very difficult to teach he wasnt learning anything sending him was a complete waste of my time and theirs not to mention that he was very disrupptive and prevented othrs from learning. they told me that if i didnt medicate him that he was going to be kicked out of school. he was in grade 4 at the time. I phoned the board of education to find out if this could be true. Sure enough they said the same thing, your son isnt learning anything because he cant sit still long enough to write his own name and is preventing the techer from doing her job. So to make a long story short i ended up giving him Ritalin which made him look like a zombie. The teachers all said how much better his behavour was and all was well. I thought wow doesnt anybody care that he looks like a zombie and expressionless? I went back to the doctore and told her she lowered the dosage, apparently they have no idea what dosage your child needs they have to experiment to find the right amout for each individual! Apparently some kids take two pills at a time! My son only requied half a pill at a time twice a day. By the time he got to grade 7 he began to be difficult to give him his meds. He had to go to the office to get his meds in the afternnon but didnt and the school said they cant force him or chase him to take it. So we went from forcing him to take it to well hes old enough now to decide. So he noticed this of course so by the time he got to grade 8 he was completely off them refused to take it saying that he didnt like how he felt inside. I have herd many people with add and adhd say this. My recomendation is that you seek out a naturalpathic doctor and treat it as natural as possible. I wish i had more knowlege about the natural way back then when i was going through it. I would also recomend some type of councelling that helps teach them ways of calming down and ways of staying focused. Fish oil also helps with the brain, limitting sugar to no sugar in their diet lots of plant based and fruits. No foods with dye

Good luck with this I know how you feel, I only wish I knew then what I know now.

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