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My 9 year old son was diagnosed by a child youth worker....not a Dr as having adhd and add. This after filling out those question me and the school. I admit I think he probably does have it but I have no idea. Anyhow, the cyw gave me an option to give him concerta (sp?).....however I didn't want to give him medication until I tried everything I am a year later and feel like I'm getting nowhere.....the school behaviour is the worst....all summer seemed to be fine....normal issues but nothing like it is now!! I feel bad for him....I dont know what to do.....someone help me...give me some guidance....I get no help from my Dr....and the help I do get takes forever....someone...anyone....I am desperate....thanks. I feel like once you chose not to medicate no one wants to take the time to help there anyone out there that doesn't medicate but deals????? Please help me help my son. Thank u for reading.


MaryAnn - posted on 10/27/2015




I was a child with mental health problems, they've followed me into adulthood. Ive dealt with and without medication. At times, I have needed medication, but if you can do it without, that is much, much better.
Has your child seen a doctor about this at all? A doctor can provide guidence and direction without medication. Some doctors, particularly within the US, I've heard, are not willing to take this approach. But they are out there, and they're far more qualified than us ladies here at COM.
We can give you some ideas, and reflections of our own experiences, but without any details of how this affects your lives, there's not much we can say, and not a whole lot of support we can provide.

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