ADHD and medicine for children

Misty - posted on 01/29/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have a 8 year old son that was diagnosed with ADHD this week. I also had it growing up but never took medicine for it. I have always been so against medicine and was raised that you just work through it, however this is starting to affect Preston's grades. Since kindergarden his teachers has always suggested him getting checked out for ADHD. When hanging out with him he seems like a normal hyper lil 8 year old boy but his grades are starting to suffer. This week we put him on Vyvanse. I am so emotionally messed up over this. I feel like I am doing him wrong by this. I have friends that say that I would be doing him a disservice by not putting him on it. Since Wednesday he has done amazing at school. Emails from the teachers and very positive results. My worry is long term. Is this something that his body is going to get use to and we are going to have to keep uping his medicine or will he be able to get off this in middle school. From what I understand this is basically legal speed. Could he become addicted later in life? Long term what are we looking at? I have so many worries about this. I am in a very hard place with this, so torn on this. I guess I am just asking for your experiences and thoughts with it. I still need to talk to the dr more about it, but wanted others views who have gone through this. I want honest opinions but in a respectful manner please. This is very hard for me to do for my son or even talk about. I am still trying to wrap this around my head that he is taking medicine when I was that parent that said I would never have my son on medicine.
Thank you.

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