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My daughter has recently transferred to a new school and gets in trouble everyday and sent to principal office daily. She is on Ritalin dosage of 10, which she recently changed from Concerta 27mg and she is 8 yrs old. Doctor says she will need meds for the rest of her life. What if any med will help her now? Ways to punish her ? What will work I'm all stressed out and don't know what to do... Please help me


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You need to get a second opinion on that doctor. There is no way he or she can know whether your daughter will need meds for the rest of her life. Nearly 70% of children affected with ADHD begin to see improvements in their symptoms during puberty. Only 30% of children with ADHD have symptoms all of their lives (I am one of that 30%).

Medication is NOT a cure all for ADHD. It is only a small part of the treatment plan, but many crap shot doctors are putting kids on medications and telling parents that's all they need. Then the parent gets frustrated because the meds "are not working." The meds do NOT make symptoms go away, they only help the patient cope with the symptoms. The bulk of her treatment should focus on therapy teaching her how to use her unique brain to accomplish the same goals others do. People with ADHD can do anything other people do, we just have to do it differently. Taking a pill isn't going to teach her how to do that, so she's still going to get frustrated and act out when she isn't succeeding.

The psychiatrist that diagnosed and is treating her does not sound like he or she is doing the full job. I would definitely look into finding another one, or talking to a psychologist in addition to the psychiatrist.

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