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Joyce - posted on 10/06/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




My 7 yo. started Intuniv today. My Question is does anyone have the problem with the overeating? She will be taking Concerta with this med and I would like to hear if your child takes Intuniv & Concerta and how that works for you. We have spend 2 hours everynite with her on spelling she argues and whines the whole time and this has been for two years the routine, you would think she would adapt by now. I took games away, spanked for the fit throwing, grounded. Nothing worked. When she wanted something she ask over and over until she thinks I will give in and pesters me to no living end. I have very good patients but *enough* now. I am her grandparent now the parent for 7 years which no regrets, just want what is best for my 7 yo. My 26 yo. daughter had with no prenatal care, was living in miles away at college on crack. When I found out I took her to the hospital and the baby was early and she didn't won't the baby. I did. She now 7 years clean and has a family doesn't visit this one and doesn't interfer. That's good but now we face ADHD, Delayed developmental, for my 7 yo baby who is beautiful loving one min. and a tiger the next. I will never give up on her. Raised 4 kids with never issues except the one girl at college. So tell me what you think about the meds.

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