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My 8 yr old has been on Strattera for almost a year and for a while in the beginni g it worked well. Now that he is in a new school, harder grade with more work/responsibility it seems as though the medication isn't working AT ALL!!! I'm almost at the end of my wits. Can anyone suggest anything? Can't take myself to put him on Ritalin! Help!!


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you dont have to theres other ones out there my son is on two of them i can remember them right now in bed lol but i wouldnt put him on ritalin if i didnt have to my son takes it at school to help him get through the rest of the day have you checked out how hes doing half the way in the day? ask his school?? you never know maybe he just needs a buster at lunch,,,,,talk to the teachers if he's having attitudes, yelling , confusesion etc then you might would to do what i do with my son ,, i have a note book that he give to the teacher everyday and the teacher will put notes in it about his day then you'd get a idea whats going on and you can bring that note book to the doctor appt, and also you can tell if he's having a bad day you can discipline him like take things away
etc remember just cause he has adhd dont mean he has to be hipper, rude etc some day and some time he will have to learn how to cope/ deal with his adhd as my son has started to he's 10 now been on meds since 5

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