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Hi, my best friend has a 6 year old son who is constantly terrible to her. He hits her leaving bruises, screams, breaks everything and tells her to go and die every single day. She just found a knife under his pillow after last night him telling her he was going to kill her in her sleep. The doctor gave her Ritilin and he will have his first dose today. He is a perfect angel when he is with me and I've never seen a mean streak unless she is around. Is this all normal? Dr said he may be bipolar 1 but cannot diagnose yet.


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The son probably knows he's not going to get away with the same behavior when he's with you. Children often behave better for others than they do their parents. She could be babying him and not enforcing consequences for his bad behavior. ADHD is a reason, not an excuse, and the kid still needs to have consequences for bad behavior and learn to control themselves. Parents that let their kid run wild because they have ADHD and "can't help it" is lying to themselves and not doing the kid any favors. They may feel more guilty about punishing their child, but the child does still need to learn proper discipline.

Hopefully the medication will help. If the kid is threatening murder, that is serious business. The boy should also be in counseling to help him sort through his emotions and learn how to constructively deal with life. Counseling could also help the mother understand how to better control her son's anger and outbursts. The trick is finding the right counselor that has experience with these kinds of children.

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