adiana - what are the side effects- does any one have information?

Lisa - posted on 08/11/2011 ( no moms have responded yet )




I have started to do the Adiana procedure for sterilization. I have heard some limited revies of women satisfied with the procedure, one who had it done 2ce because of it not taking and ended up with infection- this my be more to do with the clinic than procedure though, and the effectiveness being variable during the time before confirmation of placement (alternate forms of bc recomended during this time period). I have checked into the Essure and Adiana. Based on my information- difforence seems to be that Essure uses nichol coils which may have high infection rate for those with nichol sensitivity (skin test) and is not recomended. Adiana uses rice size soft silicone plugs. both are placed into the falopian tubes to enduce scaring to close off acces to the uterous. Niether procedure is recomended for women with excesive scaring accessibility issues with falopian tubes or uterous that would make placement dificult or unsucessfull. issues with hormones and backup birthcontrol may also be an issue for candacy in the procedure but is evaluated on a case by case and medical prefrerence basis. Personally I am a single mother of 4, 3 from failed marrige and 1 post divorce suprise. I have had 2 miscarriages and apear to be fertile Mertle, with only the Peragard IUD as effectivebc for me.(mirana had placement issues and emense discomfort).... I am 37 and want to be done having children to kick off some sort of career after being a student and stay at home mom for the majority of my adult life. I have started the Adiana process because metal in my body and sensitivity to nichol is scary and I have a tachardia and sensitivity to antibiotics and other drugs. I have been told it starts with a depo pervera shot to thin the uterus so the view for placement is easier. What I want told was I would have an anoying spotting as a result until a second shot would counter the spotting... anoying but worth a little inconvienience for possible results. My hormone sensitivity to the depo has me on low dose antidepresants, and I go in for 2 preop appointments to ensure everything is doing what it is supposed to. Then I have the procedure on Sept 9th where they will reinsert my iud for back up birth control in conjunction with the depo already in effect. There are 2 more follow ups and then a dye test to see if it took. I am participating in a re-evaulation of effectiveness study because it apears that the few pregnancies that have occured were a result of lack of back up birth control before the procedure was confirmed. There have been no reports of pregnancy in post follow up where placement has been confirmed. The whole process is about 3 months long but the actual procedure is under 15-60 minutes depending on painkillers and anestesia. I will keep postig results as I can. If anyone has had this done and has other info please let me know. would love to hear from others experiences.

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