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Ok i have a Partner who has become Daddy to my daughter, we have knowen eachother for 12 years and we had an 8 year relationship then went our own separate ways,During that time i got pregnant to somebody else. 3 years on me and my partner got back together. My daughter has had nothing to do with the biological idiot, and he has never tried contacting me. My partner has steppped up to Daddy roll and is the best daddy any child could ask for, you would never think he wasnt the real Dad, thats how close they are. But what im wanting to know is how to go about putting his name on birth certificate and adopting her? And would he have to pay child support for the past 3 years of her life.


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Michelle - posted on 03/17/2012




are you asking if your new partner would have to pay child support after he adopts her the answer to that is no if you split up after her adopts her then yes he would as adoption means he is taking on the role of father. Most places won't let someone adopt if the mother or father of the child is not married to that person.

Jaime - posted on 03/17/2012




You should check city hall or the courthouse to get the papers you need for him to adopt her legally. I believe it costs money, but I can't even guess what it might be. I doubt he'll have to pay back support...but that would depend on when you got back together, and also what sort of custody agreement you have set in place. If you have full custody of your daughter and haven't been to court I can't see them imposing a retro-payment on him. Best advice is to go to city hall where they can direct you better in the steps you need to take. Good luck and I hope it all works out for you :)

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