Adult child still living at home

Sonya - posted on 11/25/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




I moved to a different state to be with my boyfriend. We dated long distance for over a year before I agreed to move. Less than one year (good up until then), the older daughter moved in. He let her, I didn't really have a say.
She's 26, first job (other than working with her grandmother) for about 6 months, just started driving this year (at age 26). I was patient at first. Took her to a job fair and offered to help her with a resume. He pays her car insurance and I assume her mother pays her cel bill. The condition (from him) was she was to get a full time job or 2nd job and move by year end. I got a 2nd job and am ready to move out! I'm on a budget, hiding my snacks and diet food in the closet because she eats everything.
She denies having used my laptop downloading games. But who else in the house. It's only us 3. She's broken my "special" cup (sentimental value, can't be replaced). It was plastic and she squeezed it. WTH?!
How do I tell him he's enabling her? Do I just plan on moving out if she doesn't? I have/had a good thing her. My sex drive is dying too.
We are in our 40s. I loved have just us two and my pets living here. What do I do?
I've tried suggesting he go to church with her, help her make friends and have activities other than the computer. I've suggested he make her pay her own insurance and "help" her if she needs/asks for it. I've suggested he make her buy her own food. I cleared out cabinet space her.
It doesn't look like she's trying. She's too comfy here. :-(

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