adult children are devaluing mom

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Pleae help with advice, I married someone who had been brought up by parents who lack skills to teach.
problems in adult life for child became insurmountable, doesn't u detest and conventions, rules, interprets all a controlling. gels neglected no matter what u do. angry
is a narcissist, antisocial angry man, who taught kids the same. Division in family is very important bcuz it allows him to feel preferred by children because of permissiveness.
Parents were borderline personality disorder. Childhood neglect was a great predictor of behavior in adulthood.
a lack of affirmation by father, who has abandoned emotionally child, manifests later in life, with interpersonal conflicts, inappropriate behavior, lack of impulse control, no stability and depression .
these issues are only transferred to kids bcuz of refusal of treatment on adult part.
Theregore just by being in the environment kids are taught to disrespect abuse verbally and physically the mom(me)
The adult kuds are estranged from
mother because it's fueled by dad.
Sadly this is my life.
I can't seem to convince my kids ,because thfu have been so manipulated by dad , that I am not the problem
for them. I tried to prevent the disaster that he created.
How do I convince my children of this?
Please help with your advice.
I miss my children & it isn't fair that he robs them of a life that he distorted.

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