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Jessi - posted on 06/04/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I am 25 with an almost 3 yr old. Her dad has been working as a rig builder for the past year and has only been home for 3 weeks in the past 4 months :( me and addie are very lonely..We live in the small town of smithville tx and have been here a year and we have no friends at all. I am having a really hard time the past couple of months with being lonely/depressed and i have no one to talk to except when hubby calls once a day..I have family that lives 45 min away but they talk to me when they feel like it and NEVER come to me i always have to go to them..Im just looking for some body to talk to..


Kristi - posted on 06/05/2013




It's hard being in a new place, especially where everybody already knows everybody because "breaking in" to their long time, close-knit circles seems impossible. I'm a single mom and my daughter is almost 14 so I'm a little closer to adult conversation. ; ) My main source of adult contact is mom and 2nd husband, we're separated and live 1500 miles apart. I completely get "lonely." I've reconnected with a few people I went to high school with but we live all over the country and of course, they have their own lives.

Have you tried or are any "Mommy and Me" type classes available? Maybe going to church? What about volunteering somewhere? That is how my mom always made new friends when she and my dad moved. I tried it here, but it hasn't worked out. Do you know anybody with children your daughter's age that you could set up a play date with? Making friends is really hard work and usually the new kid has to make most of the effort. CoM's has been a huge source of "socialization" for me.

I'm 42 but feel free to inbox me if you ever want to talk. : )

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