Adult son.

Patty - posted on 11/22/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




My son was born in Nov. 1981 went home Jan 15th 1982, I was in labor for 7 days, causing my son to have a brain injury. He has had several shunt replacements the first shunt was placed in Mar. 1982 his temp went up to 107 they had to remove shunt and place another on the other side of the brain after they cleared infection, so he was in the hospital for 1 month. He did great with that shunt til he was 9 when he had a large bump on his abdomin, we found out the end of the shunt had perforated the small intestine and had a cyst full of gangrene. They had to remove the shunt in tiny pieces since it was rotted and fraid. He had several blood transfusions and a shunt revision and was in the hospital for a month. Then when he was 13 the end of the shunt whipped around and was try to attach to his lung back to the hospital another shunt revision and now have it draining into his heart. Another shunt revision in 9th grade and another 18 another at 24 and then at the age of 30 he was in the hospital for almost six months they would replace it would be good for a few days maybe a week at times then back in for revision this happened several times his brain pressures were measuring in the 70's most people are in a coma when pressure reaches the mid 40's. They were finally able to revise the shunt to drain to the plural space and has been working great. Now for my heartache I have been there for him through this all but I feel a lot of damage was done to the brain when pressure was so high his personality has changed so much, he never calls if I call he's very short with me. My daughter and I miss him very much I lost my other son in a car wreck 4 years ago and my daughter and I feel like we have lost them bith. Grieving mom ...

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