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Linda - posted on 01/10/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hi all, I somehow got myself on this site today must be a reason. I read about mother's with Adult son's who are ignoring them and I know I am in the same boat. Couldn't believe their is mothers with the same problem. I don't know why my oldest son ignore me, seems like he always duck and dive me. the worst is he is living in the same house than me, and I asked him a lot of times why he is like that, I send him sms's no reply from him, I spoke to councelours & even sigiatrist. I live with this pain every day of my live, it was so bad at one stage that I gotten very sick, and decided if that is how he is, I need to exept it and move on with my life. since then I am handling it better, but wake up in the mornings first on my mind is my relationship with my son, and the pain that goes with it. If you in the same boat and can help I will appreciate, although I know it will just be with the grace of God that he will change. Worst of all is he is a Christian....


Chet - posted on 01/10/2014




It is normal for some young adults, usually in their twenties, to distance themselves from their parents to assert their independence. It's an age where people tend to be more peer oriented than family oriented. It's an age where an overly involved or interested parent can feel very smothering.

There is an expression about how you can't chase a butterfly you have to wait for it to come to you. Don't pursue your son so much. Give him some space. Be warm and kind, but not overbearing. Be someone he can talk to not someone he has to listen to. He should come to you in time.

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