Adult Son Rejects Parent

Diane - posted on 02/03/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




I had my son evaluated for autism as a teenager & I was told he wasn't autistic but had the highest IQ the doctor had measured so he would likely have some deficits just due to that.

I didn't want to tell him he might have Asperger's as I didn't want to damage his sense of self but fear that may have been a big mistake.

Thru the years I have tried to teach him social skills & many other things which he automatically rejected and still rejects. He is working full time, living with a roommate & furious at his dad & I and we still can't understand why he is so furious with us.

We have discussed why he is so angry & the one thing he mentioned is that we made him move out of the house when he was 24.

He has a small group of friends from childhood & a small group of friends from his current work & has a huge opportunity to advance but doesn't seem to know how to move forward. He's always been very anxious & extremely resistant to change.

He had a girlfriend for several months who moved away for a job in another state & he still pines for her.

Despite the lack of diagnosis, I believe he has some form of autism. My heart aches to help him but I do not know what to do or if I can do anything.

Any suggestions? I miss my fascinating son.

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