adult son's death

Bobbie - posted on 11/29/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Forty years after purchasing a crib for my most precious son Marc, I shopped for a coffin. He passed away from a MOST virulent, violent, horrific form of multiple
sclerosis. Body part by body part, slowly, systematically, he withered painfully and
profoundly. The ONLY way his stupefying suffering could/would end was for
greedy DEATH to claim him.
It's been nearly 9 months since a hospice nurse closed his beautiful baby-blue eyes
permanently. Ironically, veteran, as well as first-time moms are nearing their due dates in the timespan that Marc took his last breath.
A few months before his passing, he could no longer speak or move. He could blink his eyes. He craved water., yet, it was so difficult for him to swallow. His internal thermometer was out of control. The last week, he had to be covered with paper towels to soak up the sweat that oozed from every poor. Sigh, Marc died a
slow, tortured death.
I admit" I have let go much of my faith that a benevolent Almighty deity could allow
such a good guy to endure so many agonies. Still, I must reconcile that God has given mankind many resources for discovering, researching, curing a legion of
physical and mental maladies. HOWEVER, if money and time and interest are earmarked for escaling the world's military-industrial complex, i.e., equipment, iwarfare, factories, training, in essence, DESTRUCTION, rather than CONSTRUCTION, then, priorities for building schools, performing research, piquing
curiosity, investing in science education, equipping medical labs...well, dastardly diseases like ALS, cancer, MS, stroke, heart attack....shall collect dust and international conflict will thrive.
I"m jumping off my soapbox now. Enough ranting and raving...
I've been brought to my knees, helpless and resigned to perpetual grief. Loving our children, raising them, worrying about them comes with a hefty pricetag. When parents purchase a crib for their baby, when those same parents, later,purchase a
coffin for that same child...I guess for all the words I've typed, there JUST aren't any words.
My fractured heart beats in sync with yours,


Onetraeh - posted on 11/30/2013




tht is just awful :(.I'm sure the world has lost such a beautiful person & may he rest in peace without any pain.bless u

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