Adult Stepchild is toxic

Carrie - posted on 11/30/2014 ( no moms have responded yet )




Over the past 4 years my now 21 yr old stepdaughter has made it clear she does not like me or my now16 yr old daughter. 5 years ago she posted a picture of her father with another woman saying when life was happy. I put my daughter on accutane and she posted a picture of a billboard showing class action lawsuit with a comment what kind of parent would put their kid on this. I blocked her on my Facebook. At the wedding ceremony she stole a bracelet of my daughters and watched me, even chiming in that if she looked for it she would have found it because none of us had it. Little did we know it was in her purse. I found it in her room 3 months later. No apology just a shrug and a i just forgot I had it. Then she contacted boys on my daughters facebook asking the nature of the relationship they had with my daughter as well as asking how far they had gone with my daughter. Every holiday she gives me dirty looks mumbles negative comments about my daughter. She ignores us. She intentionally talks about things before I came around. She bad mouths me and my daughter to her sisters. She recently took a screenshot of stupid tweet my daughter posted. It was a lyric from some stupid song in July. First my step daughter sent a copy of it to her youngest sister. Then on Thanksgiving 5 months after the tweet she tells her father about it. It is my last straw. Every year I tell my husband this is last time I am going to do holidays with her and I end up doing it with a promise he will keep her in check every year he doesn't. He feels it's just one day and yes it makes it a shitty day it's just one day. My issue is this also my holiday my daughters holiday why is it ok to ask us to grin and bare it.? What am I suppose to do? I'm pissed I have to leave my home for holidays. So I don't feel like this is my home. I'm disabled from a disease and I killed myself making a great Thanksgiving dinner to have it ruined by this 'adult' child. Am I wrong? Should I just grin and bare it? Should I make my daughter deal with it?

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