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Hi, my 5 month old daughter has been a bit advanced ever since the day she was born (holding her head up since birth, crawling, babbling, standing up/walking, etc). I'm just wondering how many other mommy's there are out there that have advanced or gifted childern? :) What is it their gifted/advanced at/in?


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To the original poster: I think the phrasing "advanced/gifted" should not have been used to describe an infant's milestones, as this is a term that is mostly applied to the academic setting. For example, I am a Gifted Endosed teacher and worked exclusively with academically Gifted learners in the past. To describe a child's milestones, please know that every baby grows and develops at different paces. While your child may be an early walker or talker, mine was a late walker and talker. In fact, he spoke very few words at 24 months, when the "experts" say that he should have a vocabulary of 30-50 words. OK, fast forward 3 1/2 years. He is in Kindergarten reading & comprehending on the 3rd grade level, and math at the late 1st grade/early 2nd grade level. Is he "academically Gifted"? Maybe, maybe not...but I have no intention of even getting him tested! But I do know that mostly all of his baby milestones were on the later end of the spectrum. For now, if you feel your 5 month old baby acts more like a 9 month old baby, then I sugest you embrace the moments of this stage. Good luck to you.

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My sister took her first baby in for a well baby check up. She was told that he was in the 97 precential. She believed that meant in all areas of life. The doc was talking about height and weight LOL

Gifted and advanced are professional terms tossed around and used to mean many other things.

Your daughter is healthy and bright. Like all babies, she is all she is meant to be ... all she needs to be .... you don't need labels to know how perfect your baby is.

All kids are ahead of the curve in some way, on the curve in others, and behind the curve in some ways too. It is all okay.

I have worked with kids that are truly gifted ..... really, be thankful if your daughter is not gifted. It is a hard road for many of the kids and a very hard road for the parents.

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My guess is that this is your first baby. We all think our babies are the smartest, cutest babies in the world. I'd need a lot of convincing to believe that she is walking but it's not uncommon for children to cruise at this age or to "walk" holding on to mom or dad's hands. All children can briefly hold their heads up soon after birth but until they can hold it up for a long period of time and can turn it 45%, it's technically not "holding her head up". Babies change at different rates and next month she may not be as far ahead as she is now. It may also be wise for you to drop the label gifted or advanced. It sounds arrogant to a lot of people, me included, and all of my kids have been given the "gifted" label by their schools. With all that said, as her mother, you will always be proud of all her accomplishments. You will always think she's the best and brightest - and you should! Just be careful with your expectations for her. She will be under too much pressure to live up to your expectations. In the meantime, enjoy her being a baby. Before you know it, she'll be graduating from high school and leaving home.

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What is the lasted news. How advanced is she now???

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I think she is long gone. But I could be wrong. Sorry carry on people. I should have left five minutes ago any way. yikes. lol

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I have to think you just misused some words. My 5 year old is gifted and has all the bad that comes with the good. His iq is in the 99th %, his testing has him sitting at 7 year 4 months for most of it and reading at a 5th grade level. He is also an amazing gymnist, great musically, and amazingly loving to his sister. My 22month old understands everything we ask of her but only talks when she deems you worthy of whatever it is she has to say. I do think most kids that accel in one area fall behind in another and that can fluxuate from month to month because at that age the brain only focuses on one new skill at a time so old ones get rusty.

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My son is advanced as well and even though yes he is my first child, his doctor is actually the one that said he's advanced. He is six months and he's been walking with assistance for a few weeks. He's been saying "momma" & "dadda" for a couple months but just started saying "bye bye " this month. He's also got seven teeth (one molar) and he has six teeth coming in at the moment. He started hitting his milestones very early and we just kind of let him do what he wants. He's always been abnormally strong for his age so we don't put anything past him lol. We know he's very intelligent, he will sit there and work on something til he figures it out. His doctor has examined he a few times in the last six months and from day one he was fully alert and held his head up on his own. No one could believe he was a newborn because of how alert he was. I'm glad my baby isn't the only one out there. And I know every parent thinks their child is the smartest kid or is so advanced but when a DOCTOR that's sees infants and children everyday tells you then I do believe it's safe to say your child is truly advanced.

Suzy - posted on 10/18/2010




I would say to all. Your child is important or at least should be.
My only son is very important to me and I spent a lot of time with him. Didn't make him more gifted than any other, but I believe my dedication did help him to be gifted. I couldn't have spent the same time with 2-5 more children. Be aware they all grow up and as moms they should be "special".

Charlie - posted on 10/17/2010




Well my son was ahead in physical development much like your daughter however i do not consider him being so far ahead physically being advanced OR gifted , its just hitting milestones early , most children will hit some milestones earlier than others and it has no bearing on actual inteligence now or in the future .
I agree with Sharon that th term gifted or advanced shouldnt be thrown around for simply hitting milestones .

Just enjoy your LO she sounds like a little adventurer !!

Tyrae - posted on 10/17/2010




In all technicalities, babies can crawl at birth. It's called the breast crawl. They have the ability to move themselves from the lower abdomen of their mothers up to the breast at birth in order to nurse. It may take a while but they can :D

Renae - posted on 10/17/2010




I dont think Angelina is trying to say that her child is gifted. I think she is just asking if any other babies appear to be ahead of the pack in some areas.

We all know that infant development has little or no relationship to intelligence later on and I dont think Angelina is trying to say that her child is super smart.

I think some issues have arised here Angelina because of your use of the term "gifted". That word is used to describe kids who have been formally diagnosed as being extremely advanced for their age. This diagnosis cant be done until at least 5 years of age. I think that is why some people aren't sure where you are coming from with your question.

Iridescent - posted on 10/17/2010




It's due to hypertonia. Very high muscle tone. It's not a good thing.

Iridescent - posted on 10/16/2010




My first son was very advanced in motor skills as an infant. He crawled at 2 months, walked at 7 months. Mentally, he was so very delayed... He still really struggles. It was a side effect of being autistic for him. When kids do things too early, it can be bad for them in other areas. And LOL at the Einstein comparison! Einstein is believed to have been likely autistic, so again, gifted in one area and very delayed in many others. He was diagnosed as mentally retarded and kicked out of elementary school, and later, at another school, was told he was retarded again and would never amount to anything and dropped out.

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I agree with Sharon. Just because your child may be doing things earlier at this very young age doesn't mean they will be some sort of Einstein later on. IMO a child couldn't be called advanced/gifted until they are in school and are having their academic abilities tested. Enjoy your baby while you can, as they're not like that for long.

Jaycie - posted on 10/16/2010




OK as far as labels I have no problem with you calling your child "gifted" or"advanced"- as long as you realize she is still just a child. I mean whats the difference in us calling our children a "princess" or what ever...this doesn't mean I actually expect them to live in a castle and wear fancy dresses etc..... So lay off the poor girl she just asked a question. Hope all is well and you didn't take offense to any ones comment... you are mom and you know who your child is better than any one, you call her what you like!

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I know how you feel! I was so proud of my daughter when I found out she was developing about 3-4 months ahead of the average. Be proud of your baby, she deserves to have a Mommy like you! :-)

Dawnie - posted on 10/16/2010




I think you bit off a bit more than you can chew (lol) but to answer your question my bean is advanced physically too (he does soccer drills, plays cricket, jogs with me and he boxes), however his language is still emerging. So sometimes these things even out. Enjoy ur little one to the fullest. congratulations

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My kids are extremely gifted at annoying each other. :)

They've all been a tad 'ahead' on many of their physical milestones, but that didn't/doesn't make them gifted... just active.

My girls did start reading at 3.5 and in the 4th grade now they are still near the tops of their classes, but reading early didn't/doesn't give them any academic advantage. It's their love of learning and determination to do their best that does that. :)

Enjoy your baby!!

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My daughter started walking at 5 months. Though I don't consider that being gifted. Gifted would be playing Bach at 4 years old lol.

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My daughter is a happy, healthy, content, well-rounded toddler. Ugh. I hate posts like this!

Jenn - posted on 10/16/2010




I'm not sure that's really advanced/gifted - but it's great that you love your daughter so much and are proud of her! Keep being a good Mommy and watch her grow - she'll never stop amazing yo! :)

Jessica - posted on 10/16/2010




Wow! There are some really unhelpful comments on this post. Ladies - let's be nice. Angelina asked a question and I think everyone needs to be respectful here!

Jessica - posted on 10/16/2010




I have a gifted son who is 7 years old. He is reading at a 4th grade level and is just a big sponge waiting to absorb information. He's not a genius who will graduate college at the age of 10 or anything, but he's a smartie and we are trying to keep him challenged.
As a baby he also held his head up from day one and was climbing by 7 months.
It's hard to tell at 5 months if a child is gifted or not,. Make sure you read to her a lot and name everything so she learns words.

Meilan - posted on 10/16/2010




TS, I know you didn't mean it like that. It's just the internet.

Your daughter is just perfect as she is! She's doing what she's supposed to be doing and, like all moms, you're a proud one. At 5 months you can't really tell she's gifted or not or really advanced or not. Things will probably straighten out between the age of 1 and 2.
The daughter of a friend was also trying to 'walk' at 5 months. She actually took her first steps by herself at 15 months. So you see, it doesn't mean anything.

Only thing you can do is just follow your daughter and her doings. Adjust her toys if you see fit. But then again that's something every mother does.

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Well the simple answer to your question is that all of us have gifted and advanced children - they all excel at something . . even if it happens to be dribbling or vomiting . . . . :o)

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Wow. I never meant that she was walking, merely trying to. I do know what cruising is. All I said was my daughter was a bit advanced. I am not labeling her, and I will not stand to be told that I am. I never said she was advanced in everything, but meant in certain milestones. And I do love my daughter very dearly, but I know all babies are equally beautiful and smart, some just catch on quicker than others. I honestly didn't mean to sound arrogant, because that wasn't my intention. I'm genuinely upset with most of these answers, because that's not what I asked for in return. If I wanted to know what people thought of others calling childern gifted and advanced I would have wrote that. That is the last time in a long time I will ever post a conversation on this site.

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Gifted/advanced? Your child is 5 months old. First time moms crack me up sometimes. You really should drop those lables or you are going to be very disappointed when your child avgs out between ages 1-2.

Nikki - posted on 10/15/2010




your 5 month old is walking?? I have never in my life have ever heard of a child walking before 7 months and that was a record.
my son has been advanced in his physical milestones, held his head up since birth, sat up on his own by 3 months, cruised 6 months crawled 7 months and walked 10 months...

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