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Im in a bit of a strange situation, its a long story but I will try and sum it up the best I can. I am 25 have a almost 3 yr old son and an almost 1 yr old daughter I am also caring for my nephew who just turned a year old. I have been caring for him for about 3 months now as his mom was incarserated. I love him to death and treat him as if he was my own, his mother is now out of jail and has been to see him once other than his birthday. I put on his birthday paid for everything and made it a week late so that she could be there to be with him. She seemed upset that he wasn't that bonded with her and mostly wanted to be with me and I naturally told her it would just take time and that he loved her it was just been awhile since they had been together. My problem now is since then she has been here only once to see him even though I have given her an open door to see him anytime she wants. She seems to be falling back into bad habits that ended her up in jail in the first place and completely forgetting about her son. Im so upset for him but dont know what more I can do. We've been considering applying for temporary custody through the court since we are caring for him and at this point even if she was more willing she has no way to support him, I guess im just conflicted I want whats best for him but worry that if we apply for custody it will push her further away and I do not want to be responsible for that, has anyone been in a similar situation? or anybody that could offer any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


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Amanda - posted on 06/26/2012




If you really want what is best for this child, and you really believe she is falling back into old ways/habits, apply for custody as soon as possible. It's better for him to know a 'loving mom/aunt' then to know an unloving mom.

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I would apply for temporary custody anyway. Right now, your first priority has to be to that little baby -- his mother is a grown woman who is making her OWN choices about her relationship with her son. Any distance is completely of her own doing.

I would recommend talking with a family lawyer to see what your various options are.

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