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Ahh where do i start? First i will introduce myself. Im 22 years old, 27 weeks pregnant and single (since 3 months along) I'm not really sure why we broke up but it was mainly because of differences. I fell pregnant 5 months into our relationship and he is 25 and just not ready for a baby/cant seem to get over the situation that i kept the baby etc. Well in the past three months ive seen him three times but each time he acts so loving. Holds my hand, kisses my belly, talks to the belly, and we laugh and have a good time together (well at least this was the case when i saw him 3 days ago, he lit candles, put on a film, and ordered the two of us dinner. Yet usually in between those months he dissappears. He used to say he cares for the baby but cant say the same about me and needless to say that heartbroke me. Everyone tells me to cut him off but in my heart i truly feel like he will come around. He blames the reason we dont see each other on me never asking him to but i just dont want to force something he doens't want. When i went over monday it was probably the best time we have had together in a while because we didnt bring up drama and both were laughing and having a good time and the reason we even got to see each other then was because he thought i was dating someone else and asked if it was serious with him ? (wtf i know) so then he asked if he could come over and i said yes but long stroy short i ended up going to his place. ANYWAY my question here is..i want to see him and work on it to much if i asked him if he wanted to come over tomorrow night after work? or should i ask him if his free this weekend ot go to a 4d sonogram with me?

I love him and this is so hard, and how he acts when we are together is all over the place. (we didnt kiss or anything) but still..


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How does he feel about the baby now? Is he glad that you chose to keep the baby? I would ask him to go to the sonogram with you. That is a special moment for parents and if he wants to be a part of the babies life then he should want to go. Don't be disappointed if he has a work issue and cannot get time off, but be leery if he comes up with a different excuse.

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