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Candi - posted on 11/30/2013 ( 2 moms have responded )




so this is my rant and i'd like opinions an your thoughts regarding my situation,

i have a M.I.L who i HATE! and i don't hate easily nor do i hate many people but i really hate her, anyways... lets start where my hate started to grow.

i just had my daughter and me a DH lived at her place in her basement, we ended up missing one doc appointment in feb 2012 so the doc called child services anyways we delt with that, case was pretty much close to being closed until she decided to go behind me and DH's back and called up the worker and ask the worker to keep the case open for a while longer and made visits to be weekly (i found out this later on) she would call the worker either hours later or the day after every visit just to f**k with my new family's lives she would tell lies ect,

anyways i like to write to free my mind so i wrote about how i felt about everything i witnessed in the house (drugs,domestic abuse,yelling fighting list goes on) and all my feelings i felt living there she found out about it and kicked me out of her house in april so i went to my moms, and then DH and i broke up that night due to her filling his head with BS and all sorts of sh*t, he and his mother had a fight that weekend, DH called our worker and set up a meeting for tuesday at my moms, and that tuesday she kicked him and our daughter out just because he was coming here for a meeting with our worker and wasn't home when she got back from where ever she went out to.

so DH and our daughter moved into my moms, and had our meeting and our worker told DH, that what his mom was doing was abuse to him ect and mind games and just wrong, anyways a week later we got back together and our relationship was much much better living at my moms then at M.I.L place, so 4 months after even with her calling in to make reports about things that didn't happen and lies and more bs,

our case was closed, now lets fwd 7 months she called his work saying i called animal control on her due to her animals which i didn't i really could care less, anyways she called child services again with lies of drug use, that case was quickly closed, fwd 10 months here's child services knocking on the door again good thing it was the same worker as when they got involved in the first place but anyways the call was about domestic violence done to me by DH, never happend the worker seen no marks on me,and said that the info was all false and has no concerns, so case closed.

but ever since all this started after we moved out M.I.L has not see our daughter in 19 months, and she said she would take me and DH to court to get rights to see our daughter this was last year still no papers ect so don't seem like its gonna happen for her so that's why she keeps messing around by calling child services,

DH and i have not spoken to her at all since the whole animal control incident which was last dec, and we plan on keeping it that way, she did message us last weekend asking to see our daughter and saying she'd never hurt her and she misses her and loves her so and DH have yet to reply to her.

i'm just so fed up with her sh*t i wish she would leave us alone, shes made it all seem like shes the victim and everything is mine an DH's fault and that i "stole" her son away from her, and i know she will continue to make false reports lies ect just to keep child services in our lives we haven't dealt with them since aug, but i can feel its gonna be soon when she decides to call again or get someone else to do it for her and i am just so sick an tired of feeling like i am dealing with a teenager who cant get her way an will try anything and everything to turn my wonderful family's lives upside down or apart, and that wont happen i will not let it,

i am sorry this is all over the place


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Candi - posted on 12/01/2013




my daughter was born early and the doctor couldn't get a hold of me and that we smelt of cigarette smoke (me and DH do smoke but outside only) and the reason it was missed was due to bad snow storm

Jodi - posted on 12/01/2013




I'm a little confused. Doctors don't call Child Protection because you miss a single appointment.....there has to be more to it than that.

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