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I left my daughters father about 5 months ago. I went to court to file papers, but he convinced me not to. We discussed the arrangements and decided that we would stick to them. Every day that I would go to pick her up he was crying and making issues.Several times he wouldnt allow me to take her.(because he was mad) If I am suppose to pick her up from daycare he gets off early and picks her up. I feel it is starting to take a toll on me and my daughter. he has no rules and in that house she calls the shots. No discipline and I am always the bad guy if he doesn't want her to do something he says ask momma. She is now starting not to want to come home with me. He asks her to choose every day and i am always a bad guy for taking her. I don't feel like my 2 1/2 year old should choose. I mean aren't we adults? I need advice please!


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Gale - posted on 08/30/2012




Only advice I can suggest is to do things legally, since you already tried it his way and he failed to keep his end. Sometime going through lawyer is the only way, and no a 2 year old should be the one to choose and she should even be involed in it.

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