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I really need some advice and guidance. My 1 year old daughter is suppose to be in the care of her father from 7pm-9pm every Tuesday night, as well as a few hours on Saturdays and every other Sunday. In the beginning of September, her father got a new job working 2nd shift which interfered with our court order.We came to an agreement that he would have her from 11am-12pm on Tuesdays due to her nap schedule and her father needing to be to work by 1:30. I am and have been running a daycare through my house for almost a year now. As of this weekend my daughters father has become very controlling and out of control. He now is telling me I need to go out to his car to take her to him and pick him up because he is no longer coming to my door because he is "sick of it". I am not sure how I am to go about this because I can not dress my day care kids up and risk their lives taking them outside so my child can see her dad and so I can be sure to get her back.

Another HUGE concern I have with my child's father is that he feels it is okay to have my child forward facing in her car-seat since she is now 1 year old. However, she is not yet 20 lbs and I am one who completely agrees with the pediatricians recommendation of keeping them rear-facing until they are at least 40 lbs! I sent her father many links and reasons and concerns regarding car seat safety and he reply's: 'All of that is total bs, my co-worker and everyone i have talked to says she is fine to be rear facing. I worry about her safety and she is fine. I want her to be comfortable. My co-worker knows more than pediatricians" With that being said I feel that I should worry even more about my daughters safety. To me, that is like telling a child they do not need to wear a seat belt because it is too tight or hurting their neck. I have several concerns with my daughter in the care of her father but these are just two major issues I feel need to be taken care of right away. Please help!


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you can try to get full custody with supervised visitations. make sure that you have your child support locked in stone, cause once the other kids comes....He may try to get out of it. Good luck.

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