advice - anyone have advice on handelling ex bio dads

Erika - posted on 03/07/2012 ( no moms have responded yet )




i have a 3 yr old with an ex who has caused me and my family nothing but stress and headaches, he has wanted nothing to do with my son until he found out that my fiance and i were getting married and had another baby, than he wanted to play daddy again for a bit, about 2 yrs into my sons life. now, it just seems like a game to him , "how much stress can i put them through " kinda thing. one day he wants him the next he wants to sign him over just to never have to talk to me again.. and than the next hes complaining to his parents that he never gets to see him, and even they have told him to smarten up and grow up. i have sole custody no agreements. so i know i cn say yea no eff you, but it makes me feel so guilty that he does this to my son just to spite me... i dont understand how someone could play with a 3 yr olds emotions like he does.. my poor son never knew the guy and had the fairy tale life with his "real" daddy (fiance/his step father i guess in technical terms..) and now hes always asking why his "dad" -sperm donor- never sees him anymore... i feel iv done everything i could to keep this relationshi with them going and everyone around me tells me the same thing... this guy is a druggie, low life, doesnt pay his child support, cant look after him even in the supervision of my sons grand parents, he just likes to play with him and even than, everytime i give him more leeway he asks for more... and now he has his new gf whom iv never met, asking for visitiation for the guy cuz he wont communicate with me.. i know its not my dutie to make sure he has this relationship with his "biodad" but it kills me that my son misses this guy... iv been telling him for 6 weeks now that his daddy is too busy working..when really hes high out of his tree and has better things to do .... and too boot , last thing he said to me was - how much of a mistake he was and how he wants my fiance to adopt him so he never has to see him again.. - but than later down the road he pops back in again... how could someone do this ..? what am i supposed to do....

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