Advice for a stressed mom in college?

Kayla - posted on 10/07/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




I just started college in august. I am not a single mom although part of me feels like I am doing this alone. My husband doesnt work. You could say we are independently OK...not wealthy. He does have to work a bit. Maybe a few times a week a couple hours here or there. But he definitley has it easy and we get by. I don't work either. And you would think since hubby doesnt work he would maybe help with our two year old or the house work. Even dinner a couple nights a week. But his help is minimal. So with three people home everyday the house gets messier than im sure it would if atleast one of us was gone everyday for work. And I am left solely responsible with the upkeep. And for meals for all three of us throught the day. Id love to just feed us cans of spaghetti o's everyday for dinner as it would be easier but i take time to cook nutritional dinners every night. Hubby sleeps in everyday so i am the one waking up with the little one. And the one to give her baths. Shes with me all the time. Its VERY rare if hubby takes her anywhere with him. And all of this leaves me with the question, when am i supposed to do school work? All of my classes but one are online (during this one class twice a week is the only real time hubby keeps her, which i am thankful for but even then she ends up going to my moms sometimes) and i am having a lot of trouble finding time to act like i am in class to do the self teaching i need to do. I struggle to find time for homework. I do work on it but my 2 year old is easily bored and constantly wants attention, interaction or she starts fussing and i just can not concerntrate on school work with whining going on. Then i lose my temper and yell at her, which i do feel awful for and i tell her im sorry. Then i give up on class work and play with her instead. Ive tried things like letting her pretend to do homework but this only entertains her for like 15 minutes. She doesnt nap, ever. So working while shes napping is out of the question. Im left with the hours of 9-12. But , keep in mind some of this time i spend doing a final clean up of the day so we dont wake to mess. Ill shower or something. And then do some work. I maybe get a good hour and half in. And some nights im so tired i cant bring myself to do anything. I always tell myself ill wake up before the kid so i have extra time but if ive stayed up til 12 i cant wake up by 530-6am. What do you single mothers do? Or you mothers with husbdands or they help by watching yours kids? What am i doing wrong? How do i make time? Its only been a little over a month and i dont forsee how i am going to complete a bachelors! I feel so pathetic. I see single moms working full time and going to school with a's and b's and im struggling without half the challenges some women face.


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