Advice for going back to College.

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Hi Ladies :)
I'm almost 20 and I graduated 2 years ago. I planned on going to college right after high school, but I got pregnant with my son when I was 18. So now that my son is one, I plan on going to college this fall. My husband is working and I stay home most of the time with my son. I have such a supporting husband and he thinks its a good idea for me to start school. But I just don't know what to do with my son. It's going to be hard leaving him with someone. But I know it's what is best for myself and the little family I have, to support them.
Any advice??


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What course do you plan on taking? How would you feel about taking courses through correspondence? (online classes) . Does your college offer online classes? When I was pregnant, up to 8 months pregnant I worked part time 4 days weekly, wet to school full time 3 days weekly with an internship which I had to attend twice weekly. I had a stillbirth and was sick, and still managed to finish the semester with the help and support of my partner and professors. I will also continue until I finish the last two semesters because I will try again fro another child. So....... I believe that with support, you can do it!

If you're not sure, try taking one course for a semester either at school or online. Start with a light course load. Then pick up more courses next semester if you can handle it and have the support

If you plan on going to classes on campus, see if your college has an on-site childcare center, or one close by. Or leave your son with a relative or trusted friend. It may be hard for you to leave him but you are going to school to better yourself for him and your family. This is NOT a selfish decision. so I applaud you.

I wish you the best

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