Advice from moms who suffered a placental abruption! PLEASE HELP

Ashley - posted on 02/02/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




I'm new on this site so forgive me if this is a little lengthy and I don't use the correct abbreviations lol. This is my fourth pregnancy, all my others were perfectly fine and full terms. The entire month of January, I was under an immense amount of stress. By immense I mean intolerable, basically tears every single night (I've been emotional this time around, go figure). I went for a last trimester ultrasound last Thursday, and the tech started asking me if I had experienced any trauma to my belly, any falls etc. I had already heard baby's heartbeat so I was thrown off by the line of questioning and got a little nervous. The doc came in and informed me that they saw a blood bubble between my uterus and placenta (no bigger then 3cms) and asked the same questions and if I've had any vaginal bleeding etc. all of which, the answer is a big fat NO. I had told her I'd been under an immense amount of stress, she told me to stay off of my feet avoid bending and lifting and bed rest as much as I could until my next doc appt (this Thursday).
Here's the concerning part for me: my regular OB had me under a co-care plan with the high risk doctor in my hospital. She's SUPPOSED to be fantastic, know her stuff in and out, she's even in charge of the ante floor and residents. Flash back to November: hospitalized for a week for a gallstone blocking my liver duct and causing liver enzymes and toxins to build in my blood. She said all was well and a week later sent me home. Diagnosis was cholestasis. I still have the occasional itchy hands and feet. Flash back to December: hospitalized for an extremely resistant UTI. Now on antibiotics until birth and have to see a urologist not too long after birth to figure out why it was hell and a half to get rid of it (still have symptoms). I saw her the week before my last US, and I had told her that on top of my very uncomfortable UTI feelings, I have been feeling like my stomach is ROCK hard, and the pressure in my vagina (sorry TMI) feels like dolly is going to fall out any second now, literally. Also thought I had a clot in the legs, have been having this achy pain mid thigh and same pain in left shoulder. Told her I had an achy pain in my belly too, she asked if they were contractions. I contracted for two entire days with my last daughter and didn't feel a thing so in all honesty, I wouldn't know. She chalked it up to my muscles relaxing yadayada and boom: don't think you need high risk care anymore. Now this.
My pains and aches have just gotten worse. Baby isn't kicking as strongly, but I do feel movement. I have a Doppler, I'm 31 weeks and so I follow her heartbeat (115-125 usually). But I can't help but have the feeling something is not right and she needs to be out NOW. I'm not bleeding externally but my symptoms get worse. My belly has lost mass, and gets harder by the day. The pains get more intense, and after ten minutes standing in surprised I haven't eaten the floor. And what's worse is that, sitting on my a** all day makes me more stressed out about this. And if I mentally sent myself into this predicament, I'm scared of what else I could do.
Baby is supposed to be safest in then out at this stage but with the progression of symptoms, I feel she's safest out and in a NICU. I can't tell if it's getting worse because I don't know anyone who's been through this. And my concern is she's born with a defect or swallowing blood since its trapped in there and I have no clue.
Can I now, with all these symptoms and with the direness of the situation, strong arm my doc into an early c section? I don't even want to deliver vaginally, because I'm nervous of a hemorrhage or something worse. And they seem to be very nonchalant but this is my baby and my health at risk, and I don't feel right. My gut is telling me this isn't right. Anyone had similar symptoms or situations? I need a light in this tunnel because I really don't know what to expect and no one can relate.

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